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Historic District

Historic  Kents' Corner

The Kent Museum, Kents' Corner, Calais VT

Historic Kent Tavern historical marker

Calais Town Hall, Gospel Hollow

Elliot Morse, right, and Stanley Fitch at the opening of the newly refurbished Robinson Sawmill, Kents' Corner

Horse-drawn wagon rides, offered by David Morse, at the Mrs. Appleyard Festival at the Kent Museum

Robinson Sawmill, Kents' Corner

Old West Church, Kents' Corner Historic District

Image at right: digitally archived historic image

from the collection of the Vermont Historical Society


Kents' Corner was first settled by Remember Kent, who built a humble house at the crossroads in 1798 - a structure that still stands though it was eventually moved just down the hill toward Gospel Hollow. In 1810 his new home was built on the same site. His son Abdiel Kent was the entrepreneur who particularly caused the hamlet to boom in the mid-19th century with not only prosperous farms, but a brick hotel, general store/post office, shoe factory, and blacksmith shop - along with the nearby 1803 Robinson Sawmill and a brickyard down the hill.